Fertilizing lime for agriculture

Fertile soil with fertilizing lime from Calcis

Agriculture and forestry – together with fisheries – account for 83 percent of the land use in Germany. Healthy and fertile soil is essential for every farmer. This requires the correct spreading of lime on the land. Our Fertical fertilizing lime provides benefits like improved aeration of the arable land and fast soil warming. Heavy metals in the soil are isolated. 
In organic farming, calcium carbonate is primarily used. Our Ferticarb fertilizing lime is available in dry and moist versions. The magnesium content can be varied. This makes it ideal for sustainable agriculture.


Burnt lime / unslaked lime / white lime

Finely ground / granular (0-3 mm) / also with variable magnesium content


Fertical® products bring you the following benefits:

  • Improved aeration of the arable land
  • Fast warming of soil
  • High water-absorbing capacity
  • Low levels of silting and crusting / physical improvement of top soil
  • Isolation of heavy metals in soil
  • Optimum pH value adjustment / Maintenance of healthy soil 
  • Tailor-made – quality as per customer request
  • Competent, chemico-technical application advice, including on site


Our standard products:
Fertical® 80 / Fertical® 90
Fertical® 80 (0-3 mm) / Fertical® 90 (0-3 mm)
Fertical® 80 (67+5) (0-3 mm)

We customise solutions for you –
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