Kalk für gesundes Stallklima

Lime for healthy and comfortable stalls

Carbonate of lime / calcium carbonate / marl
Granular (< 1.0 mm), with hydrate content

Slightly moist


These Carbocal® fresh product brings you the following benefits:

  • General improvement in stall comfort
  • Particularly gentle on skin & anti-inflammatory, e.g. for dairy cattle
  • Improved space arrangement in indoor stock keeping
  • Tailor-made – quality as per customer request
  • Competent, chemico-technical application advice, including on site


Our standard product:
Carbocal® fresh undried


We customise solutions for you –
contact our sales team for advice!

Regulations on indoor stock keeping

Safety data sheet
Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001
Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001
Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001

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