Feed lime for healthy animal nutrition

Lime and animal welfare go hand in hand at Calcis

Adequate and healthy nutrition for a growing population represents one of the biggest challenges in the age of climate change. Agriculture forms part of the solution in the attempt to meet sustainability and climate protection targets – both in Germany and around the world. Calcis supports the agricultural sector with feed lime of the highest quality. Dairy cattle require a high supplement of calcium to prevent deficiency symptoms and a fall in milk yield, for example. Fertility can also suffer without mineral supplementation. Poultry also need lime - or at least those birds that lay eggs.
Our feed lime provides a reliable supply of vital calcium for cattle and helps to prevent deficiency symptoms.


Carbonate of lime / calcium carbonate / marl
Fine (< 0.09 mm) / fine-grained (0.1-1.0 mm) / coarse-grained (1.0-3.55 mm)

Provcal® products bring you the following benefits:

  • Reliable supply of vital calcium for cattle
  • Helps to prevent deficiency symptoms
  • Grain size fractions from 0-3.55 mm
  • Tailor-made – quality as per customer request
  • Competent, chemico-technical application advice, including on site


Our standard products:
Provcal® fine / Provcal® fine-grained / Provcal® coarse-grained


We customise solutions for you –
contact our sales team for advice!

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