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A multi-millennial innovation: construction lime

Lime and the construction industry have belonged together since time out of mind. After all, the binding property of lime makes for a hardness that will last for millennia. The Egyptian pyramids or the Chinese Wall are only two examples of the use of lime whose application to such projects in form of lime mortar has been going on fro 14,000 years now.

Today, Calcis, with its quicklime and calcium hydroxide products, is an important partner for the manufacturers of lime sandstone, pore stones and dry mortar. Our Calsical® (calcium oxide) and Oxical® (calcium dihydroxide) product families form the basis of our customised qualities whose chemical-physical properties are geared to the end product in accordance with our customers' specs and the processes and facilities used. That is how we provide our customers from the construction industry the dependable qualities that meet all construction standards,  ensure utmost production efficiency and provide economical solutions for all product diversifications.

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