Kalk für die Stahlerzeugung

Simply indispensable: Quicklime for iron and steel

Pure steel impossible without quicklime, which binds impurities

The manufacture of steel, the world’s most commonly used material, is impossible without quicklime. Our calcium oxide, in the form of lump lime with grain size up to 60 mm, is used to manufacture pig iron. Within the blast furnace, the quicklime ensures that undesired contaminants like manganese, silicic acid, phosphorus and even sulphur are removed from the pig iron and fixed in the slag.

Once the quicklime has done its job – solutions for treating residues

Our application engineers consider all characteristics in the manufacturing process up to the plant-specific customer specifications. They propose tailored products with precisely defined reactivity and grain size distribution. Our sales team brings the same level of expertise to the support processes, offering solutions for residue treatment in flue gas scrubbing, waste water treatment and sludge treatment.

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