Kalk in der Industrie

The jack of all trades: Industrial uses of quicklime

Cosmetics, foodstuffs and even medicines - quicklime is everywhere

We have developed numerous product variants to suit our customers’ diverse industrial applications of quicklime.
Calcis products (burnt lime, calcium hydroxide) are used in the chemicals industry, for example for the production of calcium carbide, propylene oxide, sodium carbonate and glycerine. They are also used to produce lactates and lactic acids as raw materials for cosmetics, medicines and foodstuffs. Calcium lactate acts as a humectant and acidity regulator in foodstuffs, for example. Calcis products are also used to make gelatine and produce citric acid for the food industry. In the paper and glass manufacturing industries, our lime products regulate the pH value. They are used for the same purpose in aluminium smelting plants and precious metal refineries.

Slaked lime - an unremarkable name for a highly effective material

Calcium hydroxide, also known as calcium dihydroxide, slaked lime or hydrated lime, is the result of a refining process whereby water is added to burnt lime. This process, called slaking, changes the property profile of quicklime and more or less produces a new raw material with new properties. The reagent properties of this astonishing raw material are often as effective as they are unremarkable. One of the key properties of our calcium hydroxide is the large surface area.

No matter which reagents are required, how quickly the raw material is supposed to react, or which property profile is required – our range of products can exactly reproduce your special formulation conditions.

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