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Welcome to Calcis – a medium-sized network of companies specialising upon one of the most fascinating raw materials known to humans: lime. This unusual mineral and its many manifestations has always been and will always be the mother of all materials. From the stone age to the age of communication technology, from the Egyptian pyramids to the Space Shuttle, from ancient Roman limekilns to a modern GCR shaft kiln: lime has been part of civilisation from the very beginning.

The imaginative use of this unique stone is a tradition we stay committed to each and every day. With manifold products made of high-quality lime and with intelligent solutions for our customers we have pooled our competence and commitment in an SME umbrella brand that combines 3 productive sites and forms an industrial full-range trader.


Calcis Lienen GmbH & Co. KG
Holperdorper Straße 47, 49536 Lienen

Calcis Warstein GmbH & Co. KG
Rangetriftweg 108, 59581 Warstein

Calcis Lienen GmbH & Co. KG
Werk Wettringen, Bilker Str. 30, 48493 Wettringen

Phone +49 5483 7392-0  Fax +49 5483 7392-92  Contact:  Orders: