Kalk – maßgeschneiderte Produkte für Ihre Branche

Quicklime – tailor-made products for your industry

Quicklime, calcium oxide, unhydrated lime, unslaked lime – one material goes by a lot of different names

The large number of names for this fascinating material hints at the versatility that makes it so unique. Quicklime is indispensable in so many areas. Without it, we would have no homes for a start, because there would be no mortar. We would have to travel on rough tracks instead of roads, and the manufacture of glass and paper would be impossible, as would the production of iron and therefore the manufacture of tools. Mankind discovered the benefits of quicklime thousands of years ago. The only way to make it is to burn limestone in a kiln. The natural CO2 contained in the stone is released into the atmosphere, and all that is left is burnt lime: CaO – a hugely versatile raw material.

Quicklime – making the world brighter, cleaner and safer with our tailor-made products

Calcis manufactures a wide range of calcium oxide products for countless industrial applications. The many and varied applications require tailor-made formulations, which we produce with a wealth of know-how, state-of-the-art production processes, and cost-efficient logistics concepts. Our products help our customers make the world brighter, more comfortable, safer, more exciting, healthier, simpler, more mobile and cleaner.

We use our expertise to develop the right quicklime product for your application

Our wide product portfolio is perfectly tailored to the many and diverse applications that use quicklime. We make it our business to develop the ideal property profile for a given application. We apply all our expertise to this objective, from application technology advice to laboratory development through to quality assurance, all to guarantee a uniform product profile.

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