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Innovation across the millennia: Quicklime in construction

Quicklime and crushed limestone for the production of sand-lime bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete and mortar

Quicklime has been used for construction since ancient times. The binding property of quicklime means that structures can survive for thousands of years. The Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China are just two examples of the historical use of quicklime. Indeed, we know that mankind started using lime mortar as far back in time as 14,000 years ago.

Burnt lime and calcium hydroxide products that meet all building standards

Today, Calcis with its burnt lime and calcium hydroxide products is an important partner for manufacturers of sand-lime bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete and mortar products. Our Calsical® (calcium oxide) and Oxical® (calcium dihydroxide) product families form the basis for customisable qualities with chemico-physical properties tailored to the required end product and the respective processes and plants. This means we can provide our customers in the construction industry with products of reliable quality that comply with all building standards. We guarantee the highest levels of production efficiency and create cost-effective solutions for the most diverse range of products.

The best sand-lime brick production thanks to tailored crushed limestone granularity

The crushed limestone sand from Lienen is required in a wide variety of industrial applications. As a rule, the sand-lime brick industry works with sands/granular lime mixtures found close to the production facilities. Because of format developments over the past decade, the requirements for these sands in terms of apparent density, compression strength, etc. have become much stricter. The crushed limestone sand from Lienen can be adjusted to the various particle-size distribution curves / gradings, making it an ideal complement to the sands in situ. In this way, higher stability of the blank under load, better edge sharpness of the blank, higher apparent densities and increased compression strength can be achieved with less wear of the forming tools. The improvement in property combinations is often accompanied by a reduction in the binder content. The cost-effectiveness and quality of the sand-lime brick production play a central role here.

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