Kalk für den Umweltschutz

The clean solution: Quicklime for environmental protection

Calcis – environmental protection with the right lime product

Chemicals are not always detrimental to nature – in environmental protection they go hand in hand. The manufacture of man-made products always involves applying the laws of nature to natural raw materials. After all, every product is just a reinterpretation of the material mass that has remained unchanged for millions of years. Maintaining this balance, including in terms of effects, is part of the environmental protection challenge for which we are all responsible. Calcis products neutralise exhaust gas emissions, waste water from production processes, sewage sludge, and untreated water destined for drinking water. They also eliminate pathogenic germs and odours and bind heavy metals. The products used are calcium oxide and calcium dihydrate reagents, which are tailored to the special conditions of our industrial and local authority customers.

Making the air and the environment cleaner with slaked lime from Calcis

Our calcium hydroxide (also called calcium dihydroxide, slaked lime or hydrated lime) is used for example in flue gas scrubbing as a way to reduce industrial air pollution. The hydrate bonds with the undesired sulphur flue gases and forms the residual product calcium sulphate, known as gypsum. The quality of the product is so high that it can soon afterwards be found on the shelves of a DIY store as plasterboard. Our special product, burnt lime with some hearth furnace coke/activated carbon content, is particularly effective in binding mercury in flue gas scrubbing for example. Meanwhile, the lime cycle ensures that the calcium hydroxide in mortars and plasters actively helps to protect the environment because it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during the drying process, binding the greenhouse gas in mineral form once again.

Milk of lime tailored to the needs of Calcis customers

Milk of lime, produced by quenching white lime (CaO) with excess water, is used in a wide range of environmental protection applications. Apart from adjustment of pH values, it is also used in sewage treatment plants when processing sludge to support precipitation and flocculation processes. The precipitation of heavy metals, such as selenium and copper, and harmful anions like sulphate and phosphate, is also possible in waste water treatment at certain pH values. Calcis produces milk of lime in the concentrations specified by its customers. The product is ready to use when it reaches the customer, which reduces on-site equipment requirements. This is particularly advantageous for small-scale consumers. Our application engineers consider all characteristics in the production process up to the plant-specific customer specifications. They propose tailored products with precisely defined reactivity and grain size distribution. Our sales team brings the same level of expertise to the support processes.

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