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Our daily bread: Agricultural uses of lime

Using lime in agriculture for more efficient practices and improved animal welfare

Efficient agricultural practices and livestock breeding are not just of economic interest to farmer associations. Productivity in agriculture has huge global importance. In the minute it takes you to read this text, 150 more births than deaths have taken place. By the same time tomorrow, there will be around 250,000 more people on this planet. All of them are entitled to a healthy diet throughout their lifetime. Our raw material – calcium carbonate, CaCO3 – is obtained from our own deposits in the Teutoburg Forest. The biogenic sedimentary rock is composed of the deposits of microorganisms which formed the sea bed millions of years ago. Plate tectonics pushed this material to the earth’s surface, where we can now access it as a raw material.

CaCO3 - an important mineral substance in livestock feed

Lime delivers major efficiency gains in agriculture and pond fish culture in a way that is safe for the environment. We supply Raiffeisen co-operatives with agricultural lime in the form of burnt lime, limestone and blended lime qualities, dry or slightly moist and with variable magnesium content as per the customer’s request. Our deposit is characterised by high effective CaCO3 equivalents, which are a vital mineral substance in livestock feed and for providing healthy nutrition. In addition, our Carbocal® products are used in the production of high-quality substrates, peat and soil to ensure an optimal pH value, a high buffer capacity and an ideal mineral substance for plant growth. Following extensive trials with relevant users and with various livestock herds, we have developed products that have undergone long-term testing in terms of their biocidal function. As a result, we can offer suitable products for everything from daily hygiene to a disease outbreak.

Improved stall comfort with the use of limestone

Limestone with a low active substance level of calcium dihydroxide is used to improve comfort in cow stalls and among other things helps to reduce the bacterial count. Our relatively soft Cenomanian limestone is particularly gentle on the skin, making it an effective anti-inflammatory for the udders of dairy cattle for example. Other products which also have a higher variable active substance content of calcium dihydroxide are used to create straw mattresses for animal welfare in raised or non-raised cubicles, and to disinfect walkways, for example in chicken-coops or on paths from the stall to the open space. Hoof cleaning in hoofed animals is another important use for our natural biocidal products.

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