Kalk für den Straßenbau/Bodenstabilisierung

For stable results: Quicklime in road building

Built on solid ground – even the ancient Romans used quicklime

The ground-breaking properties of quicklime for building roads, squares and paths were known to the Romans in ancient times. They knew that a lower coating of lime would provide a solid foundation. So much so that parts of the Via Appia, built around 300 BC, are still intact today.

Quicklime - a traditional building material for today’s civil engineering projects

For modern civil engineering needs, excellent soil stabilisation can be achieved with Proctocal® products from Calcis. Wet soils are compacted and protected against frost and building sites are quickly made accessible. The use of a natural product avoids primary pollution. Additional modifications extend the product range to include qualities that produce less dust – which is particularly important for reconstruction projects in built-up areas.

Quicklime for road paving - blended products for the refinement of asphalt

For road surfacing, refined qualities of Oxycal® and Fillcal® are used to slow down the ageing of asphalt. Through the chemical reaction with bitumen, the asphalt surface becomes more resistant to higher temperatures and is protected against embrittlement cracks and cracking due to moisture absorption.
Special industrial applications have led to the introduction of blended products with a chemically refined calcium oxide base. One example is the use of Fillcal® products for asphalt surfacing.

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